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WarOverlay - mod for Tanks, Planes, Navy

Waroverlay mod mod draws a 3D box around enemy's allowing you to see the enemy's vehicle through the wall and any structures in its way, this hack is known as wall hack or ESP. Contours of 3d box (size of 3d model), fits exactly for each model of tank, in that case with this cheat mod you will be easily able to shoot enemy vulnerable points behind destructables objects like walls, parts of houses, etc. Waroverlay mod also displays range to target, and model name of unit.

By default cheat mod not shows allied units, but displaying of allied units can be turned on in the menu (deathmatch option). In menu options also possible to turn on displaying of AI units (bots). Should also be noted that cheat displays only visible by game client units, if by server to client was sent location of unit or its activity cheat will display it in that momment, in other words if game client knows location of unit it will be displayed.

In latest updates to ESP information was also added an "aiming at you" marker, which looks like red aiming cricle, it shows when enemy look directly at your side, this marker available for enemy tanks and planes.

Closest to game crosshair models of enemy units will be displayed with movement prediction marker, prediction aiming marker displays based on all ballistic calculations, in calculation included: target move direction, it's move speed, distance, initial velocity of own projectile and speed loss rate coefficient. Prediction calculation are based on marker parameters, these parameters are always displaying on the left side of game screen:

thunder cheat

Bullet Speed it's a initial speed of the projectile, Air Drag it's a the speed loss ratio, Target it's a point of aiming which can be switched using the PageUp and PageDown keys or through the cheat menu. In the calculations of prediction also included movement speed of the own machine for impulse correction.

The marker parameters configured for almost all units, and they automatically selects for each tank or plane, but also they can be adjusted through the cheat menu for own needs and will be saved for currently controlled tank or plane.

This cheat mod have own aimbot which works based on aiming at nearest to him movement prediction marker. The hotkey for aimbot are "R" by default, it can be changed to any other in cheat menu, cheat menu can be opened by «Insert» button.
With the introduction of server replays aimbot was changed to an safe mode version, now in safe version of aimbot instead of direct aiming on the prediction marker autoaim makes smooth moving to it, in that mode autoaim are almost undetectable on the game server replays.

For planes aimbot was made with aiming inversion, wich adds faster turn to target, in addition movement prediction markers have correction for guns targeting aim (known parallax effect).

This cheat mod also have alternative own bomb aim for planes, bomb aim works on all types of aircraft.

Requirements for external version:
1. Supported only on OS Win7 or higher.
2. Required game client in windowed mode (or full window mode).
3. Supported only 32 bit game client (how to run 32bit written in FAQ).
For comfortable game its recommended to have at last 60 fps.
Also for better perfomance recommended to set ON "VSync" in game video settings.

Requirements for internal version:
1. Supported only 32 bit game client (how to run 32bit written in FAQ).
2. Supported only DirectX11 or DirectX9 game clients.

To start use waroverlay:
Register on website, no e-mail confirmation required.
Login to your account area.
• Download the loader from your account area and start it using your login and password from the registered account.
• If you didn't used Waroverlay previously then it will be started in trial period automatically for three hours without needed paying for subscription, if not, you will need to purchase a subscription for further use. For the trial period, Waroverlay sends to the server an unique identifier of your computer for verification, the program does not store any data on your computer.

Q: It is possible to receive a ban for using waroverlay?
A: Yes, possible, but only under the conditions given below:
   - In ground battles, shooting in not spotted and visually hidden enemies.
   - In ground battles, follow visually hidden enemy movement by game aim (circle).
   - In ground battles, make prediction shoot on visually hidden enemy that begins moving from cover.
   - Long time (more than several seconds) hold down autoaim (autoaim in overlay was made to help in aiming instead of making it fully automatic).
   - Talking to anyone got to know that you are using waroverlay.
   - Upload screenshots or videos with waroverlay.
Remember that all your game actions are recorded on the server replays and in case suspicion of unfair gameplay may be checked.

Q: In the settings of the game Launcher there is no longer a 32bit switch, what to do?
A: If, by default, the 32-bit version of game client does not run through the Launcher, then you need to run the Overlay once without already running the game, it is important to specify the correct path to the game's Launcher - after this procedure the client should starting in 32bit mode from game Launcher by default.
If this does not help, then it remains to run game client directly from the win32 folder in the game root directory.

Q: Antivirus triggers on the Loader file, it's malicious?
A: No, antiviruses are allergic to all executable files without the digital signature of the publisher, you need to add the file to the antivirus exceptions.

Q: Today was a game patch and the overlay stops working, what to do?
A: Wait for overlay update, in most cases update takes no more than a few hours if there are no technical problems. You may read about all overlay updates in this topic on the forum .

Q: Are simulator battles (SB) supported?
A: For airplanes autoaim in SB are not supported, all the rest ESP, prediction marker and the bomb aim will work. For ground battles without changes.

Waroverlay was made to demonstrate working application program code of game addons, written in C++ program language. This application does not make any changes to the game code of the game client and does not violate the copyrights of their developers. However, not all game authors provide the possibility of using such add-ons in the game process. Therefore, before you run Waroverlay make sure that under the terms of the license agreement you are granted this right.

The website does not bear any responsibility for the possible consequences of using Waroverlay, or for possible consequences that directly or indirectly entailed the use of the software hosted on this site can not be assigned to the developers of the program. The end-user of the program should understand that the functionality of the program can be considered forbiden by game developers, and the use of this program may entail the blocking of game account.